Lasse Lazz Jensen (Lazz)

Lasse Lazz Jensen, often credited as Lazz (born: 25/1/82, Fredrikstad), is a Norwegian Producer / Artist. 

Main instrument is Guitar (also plays Drums, Keyboard, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Sound Production and Programming). 

Involved in projects such as Jørn Lande (JORN), Mystic Shiver, Kilanerin, Rövballebandet, Staysman & Lazz, Oceans of Time. 

Participated in Kompani Lauritzen on TV2. 1 of 14 reality celebrities where he was Kompani Rekrutt 7. 

Made up half of the duo Staysman & Lazz. 

Played over 1000 concerts in Norway and abroad. 

Won Se & Hørs Sommerstjerner in 2010, and participated in 2015 in the Melodi Grand Prix (Eurovision) with his song "en godt stekt pizza" and ended up in third place in the final. 

Also won the Fredrik Prize from Fredrikstad magazine the same year. 

 Currently runs his own Label in Spain producing music and music videos for National and International Artists. 

Is behind over 300 releases on his company Lazz Music. 

Apple Products DAW: Pro Tools